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Michael D. Buschmann, Caroline D. Hoemann, Mark B. Hurtig, and Matthew S. Shive

Cartilage repair with chitosan-glycerol phosphate stabilized blood clots

In Cartilage Repair Strategies, Chapter 7, pp 85-104, 2007.- PDF( 1154 KB)


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BST-CarGel: In Situ ChondroInduction for Cartilage Repair

In Operative Techniques in Orthopaedics: Articular Cartilage Surgery.
Ed Freddie Fu. 2006. - PDF (295KB)

Buschmann MD , Hoemann CD , Hurtig MB , Shive MS.
Cartilage Repair with Chitosan/glycerol-phosphate Stabilised Blood Clots
In Strategies in Cartilage Repair.
Ed Riley J Williams. Humana Press 2006.- PDF (925KB)

Hoemann, C.

Molecular and Biochemical Assays of Cartilage Components

In Cartilage and Osteoarthritis. Volume 2, Chapter 8, pp 127-156, Humana Press, 2004 (ISBN: 1-59259-821-8). PDF (1000 kb)

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The role of fibril reinforcement in the mechanical behavior of cartilage.
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