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Chitosan Biomaterials
Chitosan is an abundant natural polysaccharide that has several medical applications. It is a polymer of glucosamine that is partly acetylated and can be biodegraded in vivo. We have developed particular formulations of chitosan that can be used in conjunction with blood, cells and other biological components in order to repair tissues and have other therapeutic effects. Our research in chitosan is both fundamental and applied. In the fundamental area we are studying the polyelectrolyte behavior of chitosan in solution and in particular examining its interesting thermal gelation upon heating. The molecular mechanisms involved in gelation and other physicochemical phenomena are being investigated both experimentally and with theoretical mathematical models of polyelectrolytes in solution. The physical and biological properties of chitosan are very dependent on its molecular weight and distribution of acetyl groups. Therefore our research efforts also involve development of processes to control molecular weight and acetylation and the development of analytical methods to precisely characterize these two parameters.
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